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Who We Are

Meet Ikeya Williams

Survivor & Life Coach

I am Ikeya Williams, Owner and Founder of Red Rubies. I am an African American Women that is a Survivor of Childhood rape and domestic violence. Over 10 years ago I decided to leave the life of crime, gang affiliation, drugs and alcohol and live the life God has attended for me to live. I allowed God to have free range to mold me in the woman I am today. I have always lived my life with the determination that I was not going to let what should have killed me; stop my future. I am a person with a gift of helps to serve whom and wherever I am led to. I have a bachelors from North Carolina Central University; majoring in Sociology and currently pursuing my Master’s in Social Work at North Carolina State University. I have over 15 years of experience working in the field of mental health, substance abuse, Intensive In-home, Crisis and assessments, domestic violence, and sexual assault victims. I am a member of Sister’s Who Care and Triumphant Life Organization. I am a Certified Life Coach, Licensed and Ordained Evangelist. I am a motivational speaker, group facilitator for teens and adults, individual Counselor and financial planner. I use a faith base approach that will allow the client to believe outside what they have seen or witness in their life. Identify that mustard seed and gain the tools to water it.

What We Do

We facilitate groups for teens and adult women.  We focus on topics of childhood trauma, overcoming pain to victory, empowering single women on the value system and other topics that are requested by the community. We provide financial literacy, one on one life coaching sessions. We also engage in community outreach by meeting the needs of homeless population and Senior Citizens.


  • Reach and inspire young ladies and women to go beyond their circumstances.

  • Educate on social and economic barriers that minorities face daily.

  • Linking and referring to scholarship programs so the individual and further their education.

  • Reunify the community by breaking down social biases, labeling, financial education to increase wealth instead of poverty, decrease homelessness, and generational cycles (lack of mental health treatment, health care, teen pregnancy, domestic/ sexual assault, and the spread of STI’s.

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